What Do People from the CIA, NSA, FBI Have to Say About 9/11?

What About the Intelligence Community?

What About the Intelligence Community?

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This section will provide videos, audio recordings, printed dossiers, books and articles and references to physical evidence that has been reviewed and analyzed by the Intelligence Community. You will learn in this section from the Intelligence Officers that the tragic events of 9/11 have been used to justify the unending "war on terror", illegal wars in the Middle East in which millions of innocent people have been maimed, killed and displaced, and the erosion of our traditional freedoms and values. Furthermore, in the name of protecting national security post-9/11, spy agencies across the world have been given sweeping new powers and resources. Their intelligence has been politicized to build a case for the disastrous war in Iraq, they are failing to stop terrorist attacks, and they have colluded in illegal acts of internment, kidnapping and torture.

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